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This award recognizes and celebrates unique world dance artists and their accomplishments in helping to close the gap between eastern and western cultures. Amara al-Amir (Tapestry of Dance) in New York City and North Carolina awarded the coveted "MEDLS" award to Soraya of New Jersey. Amara personally chose Soraya to receive this wonderful award because of her professionalism, dedication, influence, numerous accomplishments, global inspiration, academia, entrepreneurial leadership, continued successes and for acting as a creative conduit for others as a guide in the craft of authentic belly dancing". To find out more about Soraya, please click on the following:     


Bliss Magazine Feature - Soraya

NJ Belly Dancer Soraya featured as "Boardwalk Beauty" for BOARDWALK JOURNAL MAGAZINE APRIL 2010 (Premier casino and entertainment publication)

Located on the beautiful southern New Jersey Shore along the waterfront in Margate, NJ, Princeton, NJ and on the Main Line in Gladwyne, PA!

NJ Belly Dancer ~ Soraya

NJ Belly Dancer ~ Soraya







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Ak~Ana: www.ak-ana.com Fringe Benefit

Anka Kusu:  www.ankakusu.net                       

Ashtar and Daughters of Sophia:

Dharma: www.dharmatribalbellydance.com    

Fringe Benefit: www.fringebenefitbellydance.com

Hipnosis: www.tribalbellies.com

Jenna Shear: http://jennashear.weebly.com/

Manhattan Tribal: www.manhattantribal.moonfruit.com  

Primeval: https://www.facebook.com/primevalbellydance/

Tapestry Tribal: http://www.tapestrytribal.com

Tribal Spirit: http://www.tribalbellies.com/Tribal_Spirit_Folder/TS_HOME.htm

Troupe Tryanga: coolkat1202@hotmail.com

Wild Gypsy Fire: www.wildgypsyfire.webs.com  



Cassandra Londono: www.cassandralondono.com

Francesca: www.francescadance.com

Shivati: mxpx1125@hotmail.com



                                 Troupes                  Soloists                           






Abzahrah: www.amalaraqs.com/abzahrah

Chadia & The Caravan Dancers: www.gypsycaravanenterprises.com

Urban Desert Dancers: http://www.idreamofgia.com/UrbanDesertDancers.html

Veils of the Nile: ShimmeyLeila@aol.com






Aisha: www.aisha-dance.com

Aasiyah: www.aasiyahdance.com

Amala Gameela: www.amalaraqs.com

Audi: http://www.bellyrhythm.com/

Bellydance By Bridgette: www.bridgette.me 

Chadia: www.gypsycaravanenterprises.com

Diana Jelena:  https://www.facebook.com/diane.miller.71066#

Donna: www.donnadance.com  

Erika: www.erikaveils.com

Evadne Sarai: www.EvadneSarai.com

Gia al Qamar: www.IDreamOfGia.com

Helena Irons: 787-613-9240

Helewa: www.dancinghelewa.com

Heni: http://www.bellydancewithheni.com/

Lorenda: www.bellydancebylorenda.com

Linette La Turka: www.linettebellydance.com

Jamilah: raksjamilah@gmail.com

Jessikah: www.movingmeditation.net

Kahina Asurah: www.kahinaasurah.com

Mikele: www.myspace.com/twinmomdancer

Najla: www.najlabellydance.com/classes.html

Noora : ww.nooradance.com 

Ra'idah: www.raidahdance.com

Sa'Noorah: www.sanoorahbellydance.com

Serafina: www.serafinabellydance.com

Sasha: www.bellydancebysasha.com

Sigal: www.sigalsweb.com

Soraya: www.bellydancebysoraya.com

Zarouhi: www.Zarouhidance.com




Defying Definition/Mix

Troupes                Soloists



Troupes  Mahalat

Amira Mor and The Jewels of the Nile:

Champagne Girls:

Desert Reveries Belly Dance:

Ever After: http://www.everafterdance.com/

Groove Merchant Drum & Dance Ensemble: http://www.drumdancecenter.com/ensemble.html

Mahalat: www.mahalat.org    

Mosaic Dance Theater Company: www.MosaicDanceTheaterCo.org 

Raks Odalisque: http://www.princeton.edu/~rakso/layout.htmlM     

Shimmy Spirit: www.shimmyspirit.com

Tajeer Talda Danse Tribe: www.myspace.com/tajeertalda       



Aisha: www.geocities.com/aisha_745 

Alexia: http://www.alexiadance.com/biography.html\

Belly of the Beast (Jessica Lynne): www.bellyofthebeastdance.com

Genasis: kipilla@ptd.net    

Feiruze: 973-455-1852 ,  pmolinarirn@aol.com

Kelebek Beyaz: www.kelebekfusion.com

Lorenda: www.bellydancebylorenda.com

Mihrimah: www.shimmyspirit.com

Rio: www.riverraqs.com

Shushanna: http://www.shushanna.com

Surayyah: www.surayyah.com

Trinity: http://trinitybellydancer.com/index.htm

Yudita: http://www.myspace.com/BellyDanceYudita


Hiring Info

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Current average rates of Pay per venue and region:

New York City and surrounding metro area including New Jersey suggested Rates. What to expect in regards to cost:

For soloists: New York City and surrounding metro area including New Jersey: MINIMUM RATE: Current New York rates for professional belly dancers for a 20 min. REGULARLY SCHEDULED restaurant/club belly dance show is $80-$150. Recommended minimum payment is $100. NJ minimum: $100-$150.

CURRENT MINIMUM RATE FOR 2 SHOWS at the same venue, the same night: $150. Suggested rate:$200

PRIVATE PARTIES: Minimum rate for a 20-25-min. belly dance show at a PRIVATE/non-regularly-scheduled event in NY and NJ is $200, not including travel expenses. Current typical range of fees received by New York pro dancers for these shows is $250-350. Weddings start at $300.

CURRENT NYC MINIMUM RATE FOR "ATMOSPHERIC" events (where dancers are hired along with other costumed actors/actresses to "float around" at a private events/corporate parties, without a solo show.) $250 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour. Suggested standard rate is $300-$350 for the first hour and $150-$200 for each additional hour.

LONG ISLAND RATES: Standard 20-min. Show at a restaurant $100. Suggested asking price: $125.

HOLIDAYS/NEW YEAR'S EVE RATES: New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day rates are double for private events and restaurant jobs. Private event: $350 minimum, but standard rates begin at $400 ; Restaurant job $150 minimum (if it's after 1am), suggested rate: $250.

TRAVEL: NJ: For travel over 1 hr away, $50 on top of the show fee.

Rates for events booked through AGENCIES: NJ known rate:$85-100 for a "belly gram" (15 min.), $175 to $200 (full show,) with $150 as a recommended minimum. Rates for a private event including a SHOW AND A GROUP CLASS for a total of 1 hr, $350 on weekend, $250 on week day. For a 1 hr class only: $300 on weekends, $200 on week days.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a dancer arrives for a restaurant gig and the show is cancelled, she is usually paid $35 for booking and coming, but 50% is recommended he/she she gave up other work opportunities to be there. If her show is cancelled at least 5hrs prior, cancellation fee does not apply. The recommended deposit is 50% of the total.


Troupes: troupes rates run in accordance with soloists and vary depending on the venue and amount of dancers. It is best to inquire with the troupe director directly for more information.


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